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Sagehen Capital Management (SCM) has an educational program that is open to all 5C students. However, there is an application process for those who are interested in joining as analysts. Prospective students are only eligible to apply for an analyst role at SCM upon completion of the educational program. We are looking for smart, scrappy, and intellectually curious students who have a passion for business, finance, and investing. If you have any further questions about joining, please feel free to contact us at any of the emails provided below. 

SCM also welcomes contact from potential employers and other interested parties. Those interested in contacting our students about employment and educational opportunities can feel free to reach out!

We encourage (but do not expect or require) prospective applicants to read through the educational content on our 
Resources page.

Executive Fund Managers

Pomona College


Pomona College

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Claremont Colleges

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