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New Leadership Positions Announced

March 23, 2021

Please welcome the new 2021-2022 CMC Student Investment Fund leadership team!

Executive Committee:
Chief Executive Officer: Annie Raines
Chief Operating Officer: Michael Murphy
Chief Investment Officer: Will Zhou

Industry Group Leadership:
Consumer: Will Wallace (PM) and Karina Park (VP)
E&U: Audrey Guilloteau (PM) and Kamila Melikova (VP)
TMT: Fred Qin (PM) and Lizzie Iwicki (VP)
M&I: Sam Swansen (PM) and Andrew Winssinger (VP)
F&R: Sohrab Dubash (PM) and Zane Yamamoto (VP)
Healthcare: Brooklyn Button (PM) and Jessica Cuna (VP)

Director of External Events: Zara Vakath
Co-Directors of Internal Events: Natalie Ionescu and Rohan Vaidya
Director of Training: Audrey Guilloteau

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